Daily Calorie Intake

Calculate your caloric needs

Your body needs energy to carry out daily activities. This energy comes from the foods we eat. These foods are measured in units of calories. The following calculator is to be used for maintenance.

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Target Daily Caloric Intake
These calculations are based on averages.

Below is a table of the calories found in different types of foods and drinks as example of what to expect when starting to count and keep track of your calorie intake.

Calories in common Fruits

Food Size Calores
Apple 1 small 80
Banana 1 medium 105
Orange 1 45
Strawberry 1 cup 50

Calories in common Foods

Food Size Calores
Bread 1 slice 75
Beef 1 serving 213
Egg large 78
Pizza 1 slice 285
Hamburger 1 354

Calories in common Vegetables

Food Size Calores
Brocoli 1 cup 31
Carrots 1 cup 45
Eggplant 1 cup 20
Lettuce 1 cup 7

Calories in common Beverages

Food Size Calores
Coca-cola 1 can 182
Diet Coke 1 cup 3
Milk, low-fat 1 cup 104
Gatorade 1 cup 50
Orange Juice 1 cup 111